Welcome to Startup Business Festival

Startup Business Festival is a premier startup business ecosystem event committed to making entrepreneurship fashionable and attainable. This transformative 30-day entrepreneurship festival takes place throughout the month of November. Startup Business Festival is not just an assembly of entrepreneurs, enablers and investors. It is a celebration; as well as a convergence of key role players within the entrepreneurship and innovation landscape. At its core, this immersive Festival endeavors to redefine entrepreneurship; making it not only a viable undertaking, but also an influential and accessible pursuit for all.

Theme: Building A Resilient Startup



Face many common challenges as they work on transforming their ideas into high-impact businesses. We empower entrepreneurs with skills, tools, infrastructure, networks and resources in order to thrive.


Support the creation and growth of small businesses. Their primary objective is to decrease the high failure rate among startup businesses. We create a community of practice for enablers to learn, connect, network and share best practice.


Are looking for opportunities to drive sustainable value creation, stimulate job creation and local economic activity. We provide a ripe environment for investors to connect with high-impact startup businesses that are ready for investment.


Our Commitment

At Startup Business Festival, we are committed to fostering an environment where ideas flourish, collaborations thrive, and innovation knows no bounds. We invite you to be part of this dynamic convergence, where entrepreneurship is not just a business pursuit but a journey that transcends sectors and sparks positive change. Join us each November for a month-long celebration of entrepreneurship – where creativity meets feasibility, and the entrepreneurial spirit becomes a beacon of inspiration for all. Welcome to the future of entrepreneurship. Welcome to the Startup Business Festival.
- Lucky Litelu, Convenor Startup Business Festival



Why Take Part

Over the course of 30 days, we bring together key players within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, alongside thought and practice leaders who have carved a path of innovation and success. Anchored by a multifaceted lineup, the festival features an array of events, each designed to enrich and empower participants.
  • Keynotes & Masterclasses
  • Panel Discussions & Workshops
  • The Business Clinic & Coaching Sessions
  • Eagles Ring Investor Pitches & Showcases
  • B2B Meetings & Networking Events
  • Bioskop & Live Performances
  • #SBF2023 Awards Ceremony & Hackathon



Our Team

Lucky Litelu

Founder and CEO

Qondile Mthembu

Chief of Staff

Karabo Mohole

Chief Storyteller

Agnes Nyathi

Stakeholders Engagement

Faith Sizwe Lukhele

Facility Manager

Samson Nkosi

Digital Assets and Platforms

Tsepo Likubwe Jobo

Digital Content

Azwi Litelu

Brand Ambassador